Friday, January 21, 2011

Pig Bo Wilkins

Has your family been bullied by Piggy Bo into signing up?  You can cancel by midnight on Wednesday. Hurry, don't walk, run to the mailbox!

Stay away from CAA Workshops

Stay away from CAA Workshops

CAA is a Scam

The company is run by the same low lifes who brought you College Partnership. 5 years ago they were taking $1695 from families, then closed up shop and skipped town in the middle of the night like the true circus performers and hucksters they are!

Cancel your contract

Remember to cancel your contract by Wednesday night a midnight!

CAA is a scam

Reminder calls

CAA workshop reminder calls started last night at about 4pm. Tell the caller you are busy this weekend.

Actually, ask them how much the program costs. You will get the following reply "Well, the workshop is free, and there are additional services available for a fee if you want". They won't tell you until you have been there over 2 hours that the starting cost is $2,000 for one student.